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Are you tired of looking all over the internet to find out about cloth diapers? 
Are you becoming more and more confused and quite honestly getting turned off from cloth diapers because they just seem so damn complicated?

Well, that is were ATD (All Things Diapers) steps in.  We are here to help you navigate through the world of cloth diapering.  This is what are academy aims to do:
  1.  Explain cloth diapers in an easy to understand format.
  2.  Teach you not only the cloth diaper basics, but also give you the hard date.
  3.  Help teach you what all of the cloth products are and what all of the terms mean.
Types of cloth diapers:
LEarn about Pocket Diaper badge/linkLearn about All In One badge/linkLearn about All In Two badge/linkLearn about prefolds badge/linkLearn about fitteds badge/link

What makes a cloth diaper:

What else do I need to know about cloth diapers:

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